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Best Food for French Bulldog Puppies

In this article we delve into the best ready-made wet and dry food for French Bulldog puppies. French bulldog puppies are well-known for their charming personalities and adorable appearance but as a Frenchie parent it’s critical to provide puppies with food that has contains the correct nutritional mix to maintain their health. The best food for a French bulldog puppy is rich in high quality protein and includes omega fatty acids.

A French bulldog puppy’s food should contain all of the nutrients necessary for its development. However, because French bulldog puppies have a high propensity to gain fat, it’s important to monitor the puppy’s weight and physical condition score on a regular basis

Nutritional Requirements of French Bulldog Puppies

French bulldogs require a special diet in order to live a long and healthy life. As puppies are still growing they require a higher proportion protein in their nutritional mix.

Quality dry food for French bulldog puppies incorporates the nutrients required for bone, muscle, and organ development. Being fed low quality dog food can lead to several health issues later in life and the puppy will also be more likely to catch viruses.  

The best puppy foods contain carbohydrates, antioxidants, minerals, fiber, and fat in the correct proportion for puppies for optimal growth and development.

Best Wet Food for French Bulldog Puppies

While French bulldog puppies can be a fed a purely dry food diet, wet food is more appetizing to pups and can be beneficial because it contains more water. Often puppies don’t drink enough which not only leads to dehydration but can also cause kidney stones and other urinary conditions.

Wet food will need to be portion controlled to prevent weight gain as most pups can’t resist the smell. However if your Frenchie isn’t finishing their food be sure to discard the left overs because bacteria will multiply at room temperature and potentially cause sickness just as raw chicken left out on a counter causes sickness in humans.

Below is the best-wet food for French bulldog puppies.

Nutro Premium Puppy Food

Nutro Nature’s Choice for puppies which contains real vegetables and quality protein. It has a wide range of vitamins and supplements required for development such as fish oil (for Omega 3 fats) and vitamin E and A which are important for eye and skin health. 

Nutro follow a clean food philosophy with no artificial colors, flavours or ingredients in any of their products. They also source non-genetically modified ingredients (non-GMO) sticking to naturally grown and produced vegetables and meats.

The Nutro brand has been around for 90 years and counting.

Best food for French bulldog puppy
Best food for French bulldog puppy

Best Dry Food for French Bulldog Puppies

When compared to wet food, dry kibble is the more convenient and cheaper option but is it detrimental to your Frenchie’s health?  

Quality dry food can provide the well rounded nutritional requirements to raise a healthy puppy as long as they are drinking plenty of water. Dry food is actually beneficial as compared to wet food as the best option for the oral and dental health of dogs and pups.

Dry kibble scrapes against teeth and minimizes the build up of plaque which means less dog breath! Plaque and tartar build up causes periodontal disease which is the most common oral problem in French bulldogs. This presents as inflammation of the gums but also effects both the bone and teeth.

Royal Canin French Bulldog Puppy food

We recommend Royal Canine French Bulldog Puppy food  because it is formulated specifically for the nutritional needs of this breed. With a wide range of vitamins and minerals, this dietary blend promotes a strong immune system and healthy skin and coat for growing puppies.

An extra benefit for French Bulldog moms is that the fiber content is tailored to normalize puppy poos… We’ve all had to clean up a crazy, smelly puppy poo. It’s not fun for us or our puppy who can get an upset stomach very easily. 

Dry French Bulldog Puppy Food by Royal Canin: Check availability and current best price. 

What Food to Not Feed your French Bulldog puppy

French bulldog puppies’ stomachs and digestive systems are quite fragile. Their digestive system can easily be thrown out of balance when fed the incorrect food. After eating, they may regurgitate or vomit which is their stomach or small intestines natural reaction; puppies are known to consume poisonous and unhealthy foods.

Foods classified as toxic for dogs causes illness or poisoning and certain vegetables can cause allergic reactions in some bulldog puppies. Just because a food is considered natural and healthy for us doesn’t mean we can feed it to our pup. It’s critical to keep an eye on puppies and make sure potentially poisonous foods are kept out of reach.

Top 6 Unsafe Foods for French Bulldog Puppies

  • Chocolate ; Kidney failure
  • Onion, garlic and anything from the onion family ; Gastrointestinal irritation
  • Avocado: Vomiting and diarrhoea
  • Grapes & raisins: Kidney failure and liver damage
  • Nuts (especially macadamias): Pancreatic issues
  • Blue cheese : While some normal cheeses are ok for dogs, blue cheese contains a fungus that will trigger vomiting.

Summary on the Best Food for French Bulldog Puppies

When it comes to the best food for French bulldog puppies, you need to make sure that your dog’s basic needs are met without overloading his diet with calories. French bulldogs are prone to gaining weight which can lead to health problems. The simplest way to ensure that your puppy’s basic caloric and nutritional needs are satisfied is to feed them portion controlled high-quality dog food.

By giving your puppy a mix of both wet and dry food you diversify the nutritional content.  Simply keep an eye on your puppy’s weight and condition, and if he begins to gain too much weight, modify their portions.