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French bulldog health issues

Hi! I’m Frances. 

My french bulldog, Franco, is the most goofy yet intelligent ‘pawson’ you’ll every meet. He has more character and charisma than I ever expected when I decided to adopt a Frenchie. 

However, my first years as a French bulldog mum were STRESSFUL! Franco had 3 emergency vet visits before he turned one. French bulldogs require an extra level of attention and care, partly because of their outrageous personality which can get them into trouble but also because they are prone to a long list of health issues. 

I started this site to share knowledge from the experts on how to raise health and happy french bulldogs and to share our love for clothing and accessories for my fury friend!

The Experts

French Bulldog Vet_Dr Dilber H

Contributing Author : Dr Dilber

Dr Dilber is a licensed clinical veterinarian with extensive experience in canine health including nutrition and management of ongoing health issues. His interests and knowledge are extensive in the animal industry from research projects on sharks to articles on rat nutrition.

French Bulldog Vet_Dr Hira N

Contributing Author : Dr Hira

Dr Hira is a qualified veterinarian with a specialisation in vetinary pathology and an all-round french bulldog lover, her pup is called Courage. Dr. Hira has a passion for research and is currently working as a visiting university lecturer in Agricultural Science. She has been writing in the veterinary science space for four years sharing her expertise though her thesis, lecturing vet science students and online articles

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