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French Bulldog Mom

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french bulldog clothes

Clothes are more than a fashion statement for french bulldogs. Their short hair means they often need an extra layer of warmth in cool climates and their unique shape…

We love to spoil our french bulldog fur babies but how can we treat them without putting their health at risk? Obesity is a common issue for french bulldogs, how can we… 

French bulldogs require extra love and care as they are vulnerable to a range of health issues. Our two qualified vets provide their expert knowledge on the facts you…

Making the Best Decisions for Your Frenchie

French bulldogs are a very special breed that need extra love and care. French Bulldog Online features information and advice from qualified veterinarians on how to care for your frenchie, the best diet and nutritional information, product reviews and general cool french bulldog finds!

French Bulldog Food & Diet

We all love spoiling our fur babies but it’s especially important to avoid any nasties when choosing french bulldog puppy food…

French Bulldog Raw Diet ​

French Bulldog Raw Diet

Raw diets have been popular for decades for human health but is it safe to feed french bulldogs a raw food diet and how can we make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need? 

Homemade Food for French Bulldogs ​

Homemade Food for French Bulldogs

What has really been added to those store bought dog biscuits…

When it comes to french bulldogs it’s particularly important to meet their nutritional requirements without…

French Bulldog Health Issues

French Bulldog Back Leg Problems

Some bones of the French bulldog are abnormal shaped and due to this, bones cannot align with their surrounding structure in the spine. French bulldogs are more prone to this condition because of their prominent screw tail. According to some scientists, the gene causing deformity of the tail can also be responsible for creating a hemivertebrae condition in the vertebral column.

Cherry eye is a very common condition in french bulldogs. The eyes become irritated, red in colour, and protruded tissue from the corner of the puppy’s eye. It’s related to the third eyelid. This eyelid mostly protects the eyes from irritation and serves as wipers for the eyes.

French Bulldog Food Allergies

French Bulldog Food Allergies

French Bulldogs can present many symptoms as a result of food allergies. The most common are digestive upset and skin irritation. French bulldog food allergies can be triggered by unsuspecting foods such as beef! A homemade diet allows you to customise the ingredients to your and your dog’s preferences. 

French Bulldog Clothes & Accessories

French Bulldog Sweaters

French Bulldog Sweaters

French bulldog sweaters are designed to accommodate their unique body shape and provide an extra layer of warmth in cooler months…
French Bulldog Clothes

Best Harness for French Bulldogs

French bulldog 101: harnesses are far more practical than collars for our frenchie friends because of their broad neck and narrow head. The best harnesses for french bulldogs…

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