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French Bulldog Clothes

Are you looking for some adorable outfits for your Frenchie? There is a huge range of french bulldog clothes available and if your pup is anything like Franco, they will relish the extra attention they get from every person that walks by!

Non-Frenchie owners might be thinking: “Why on Earth would you clothe a dog?!” but many french bulldog owners will tell you their little friend seems to have some extra swag in their step when they have their stylin’ threads on !

Clothes are not just about looking trendy for French bulldogs. French bulldogs are short-haired and their fur is very fine. Coping with cold temperatures can be a challenge for your little buddy. As a result he will need some extra layers from time to time.

French bulldogs are more sensitive to the climate than humans. So, if you’re feeling cold at your height, he definitely needs cozy clothing. Here are some clothing options and accessories that can help you get the right fit for your French bulldog.

French Bulldog Sweaters

I’ve been disappointed when ordering clothing online for Franco in the past when it’s hasn’t been designed with the French bulldog body shape in mind. Finding the perfect sweater for your pawed buddy can be a hassle. You can’t just randomly go online and pick a piece that looks cute. Checking the measurements is important to avoid disappointment. 

Since French bulldogs have a thick neck, look for sweaters that have a generous neckline. French bulldog sweaters are designed with their short solid body in mind. Therefore, if looking at generic dog sweaters go for an item that has a wide yet short cut lengthwise. 

Also, Frenchies are prone to skin irritation and dryness. Getting your puppy a good quality sweater can reduce the impact of seasonal environmental stressors. It will also keep their skin protected from irritants when he’s rolling in the grass like a crazy piglet!

Choose a sweater that is made of soft, stretchy fabric made with a blend of natural fibres if possible. Natural fibres like wool, cotton and bamboo breath better than synthetic fabrics and wick away excess moisture from the skin. Ever slept in synthetic sheets instead of cotton blend sheets? You probably found that you woke up during the night sweating and hot. 

french bulldog clothes

French Bulldog sweaters by iChoue ; check availability here. 

This can be a great option if you’re looking for something that works in mild winter. For an estimate, the temperature should be ranging under 50°F – 10°C.  

However, make sure that your pooch doesn’t get wet outside while wearing it. Having the moist fabric sitting against their skin can cause skin irritation and other health concerns. 

French bulldog coats are recommended for snowy weather especially if you plan to take your Frenchie outside for an evening stroll. These offer more warmth and most have a water resistant outer layer. 

French Bulldog Coats

French bulldogs can get sick quickly because of their belly rubbing on the snowy floor. While colds and flues are caused by a virus, cold air actually makes it harder for French bulldogs (and humans) to protect themselves from the virus. When French bulldogs get too cold they can get hypothermia.  

Getting a proper French bulldog coat means they can get out of the house and let off some steam but give him some protection from challenging weather conditions, just remember to select the right fit. 

One-size-fits-all is undoubtedly not the case when it comes to French bulldog coats and jackets. Your chosen item should be covering his neck and belly but not his legs. The armpit area shouldn’t be too tight as well. 

Some other factors include the weather conditions. A fleece coat is best  if the weather is not wet. Otherwise, a multi-layered insulated and water resistant coat should be your priority if you live in a cold rainy area.

Waterproof raincoat for French Bulldogs. Check availability and best price here on Amazon. 

French Bulldog Accessories

There are a few French bulldog accessories that will be really practical and some that are just plain irresistible. 

One of the most essential french bulldog accessories is a harness. 

Best Harness for a French Bulldog

It’s always best to choose a harness rather than a leaded collar for walking french bulldogs. The broad neck and small head of french bulldogs makes normal collars impractical but most Frenchie parent feel better about restraining them from the chest rather than the neck. 

This handy accessory will not pull the neck of your Frenchie. It evenly distributes pressure on his whole body instead of only targeting the neck. It will give a great fit to your little champ while giving you complete support, and hold. 

This is the iChoue Harness (available here). I’ll be doing a in depth review of this harness soon!

Frenchies have a sensitive nature that requires extra love, care and attention. These are just the basic essentials for French bulldog clothing and accessories, if your Frenchie is anything like Franco they will love the extra attention they get when they step out in style!

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